APP-BUTTON is focused on clean programming with stylish visual design.

Greetings!   As with most android programmers today, the focus is on everything mobile. Designing for all viewports forces simplicity with copy and explanation.   An intuitive refined format may serve you well in telling your story;   that is today's direction.

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Past Work

Dine Diary app

Dine Diary app - $Free   shop PlayStore

This app will keep tract of special meals at familiar restaurants.

Got it! app

Got it! app - $Free   shop PlayStore

Detail your chores and activities with notes & pictures.

Dine Diary app

Clover Pigs- $Free   shop PlayStore

Grey-pig will guide, nudge, and poke the others in this Charles Martin Crandall game of roundup.

Got it! app

Pub Corker - $Free   shop PlayStore

Fast moving Pub Corker is modeled after a traditional British Isle pub game



Logos and cartoons.

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Print copy

Past marketing efforts.



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"Morning coffee"

Watercolor, a rainy day activity.

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